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Are you a Small Business looking for help with Salesforce?
Our expert consultants can support you to get the best from Salesforce.


Our Small Business solutions unite sales, marketing and service in one platform to help you find, win and keep lifelong customers.

Sales and Service Cloud Implementation

Sales and Service Automation

Reports, Dashboards & Analytics


Data Migration

Support and Administration Services

Hire an Expert for a Day



Many small businesses in the UK would like to get more from their Salesforce systems. But they cannot afford to hire their own staff and struggle to get access to Salesforce Consultants who are either too busy or too expensive to deal with their projects.


At GuJo, we like to focus on small business with 1 to 50 users. Our London based team visit clients on site and in your own environment, taking time to get to know your business and your people. We can do something with even the smallest budget.


Our projects can be delivered quickly by teams in London and from our office in Brazil. With the local government pushing the development of technological institutions throughout the country, Brazil has become a model of world-class educational infrastructure and a great source of affordable talent. 

Working on Stairs

Our Approach

UK Small Business 

Affordable Solutions

People First



Gujo Consulting can help you achieve your strategic objectives and drive sustainable growth.

If you have been frustrated by high fees and long delays with large consultancies, get in touch and we may be able to help. 

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Thanks for contacting us. We'll be in touch soon. 

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